Hey, I’m Bree!


I am a 20 something-year-old kiwi and the face behind Atypical Adventure. I have always had a passion for travel and the day after I finished my high school exams, I jumped on a plane and flew halfway around the world to start my own adventure. 

Travel for me is about meeting new people just as much as seeing and experiencing new things. I have always loved a good story and some of the best stories I have heard have been on the road. It was these stories that inspired me to create a place where people could come together to share them. And thus, while the world was in its 2nd year of a pandemic and on the brink of World War Three, I quit my office job, packed a bag left New Zealand, my home, to begin what I hoped would a most atypical adventure indeed.


Atypical Adventure

Travel with Bree